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Following RadicalEdward84's second suggestion for a contortion pose ^^ I admit that I tried to keep it simple because I was afraid the pose wouldn't work out, but I'm glad I chose this simple angle also because her face could be seen ^^

Leilani grew in a halfling circus where she learned contortion; she wanted to conquer this position probably ever since she first got interested in being a contortionist.

Her first achievement was being able to bend her neck far enough backwards to lay the top of hear head between her own shoulderblades. Further curving of her back was fairly simple and she eventually learned to sit on the floor and curl her spine around her own head all the way until she lay her chin on the floor. But while doing so, her hips would naturally get lifted up, pulled upwards by the bend, as the length of her spine wasn't enough to fully wrap it around the head.

There she once again got stuck for a long time, trying to push her hips all the way down to the floor. For contortionists, it's fairly advanced even being able to sit on one's own head but to sit in front of one's own face? As far as she was concerned, nobody ever achieved that in the history of ever!

But Leilani is a stubborn girl and decided she has no right to say it's impossible until she tries real hard. Month after month she spent a couple of hours in the morning and a couple of hours in the evening just pushing herself. Eventually she learned to notice even the slightest progress toward her goal and she calculated she can get just a couple of millimeters further when she fully relaxes. She then discovered that the right key to this goal is deep relaxation rather than pushing by force, so she purchased a green mat and the nicest musics she could find.

Inspired by her renewed progress, she started spending up to an hour on the mat without changing the position and just trying to make sure not a single muscle is strained. Week after week she went further millimeter by millimeter. In the end she could almost physically feel how far her individual vertebras stand from each other at the peak of her "meditation". Her spine's length could increase by at least 10-15% now, thanks to many months of practice.

It's been overall over a year of hard daily work but she eventually did it. She couldn't even fully believe it herself as for her this was more like a dream-like position, but she finally did something that even all experts considered to be impossible to do.

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