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Krieg and Xim

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The planet Manipu suffered a severe overpopulation and the King of Manipu kept thinking how to solve it. He made all kinds of restricting laws, birth licensing, etc but nothing seemed to help against Manipuans breeding like rabbits. Even a governmental level promotion of homosexuality didn't help much as the majority of men were after the feminine features.

The King's scientists invented a revolutionary medicine that could be taken during pregnancy to force the foetus to develop as a male. The true effect of this medicine, however, was kept secret, and it was announced that it was a must-have antivirus against a whatever new "plague" coming up with the toxic clouds from the ground levels of the planet. In a few decades the percentage of females on the planet gradually shrunk down to 11.8%, making it extremely hard to find a wife to make children with, so women became something like a treasure.

The medicine, however, wasn't stronger than nature, and while changing the gender of the newborns, still it produced a lot of boys with very effeminate features. Those feminine and slender young men with very soft features were interested in pretty arts, dancing and other girly things, always feeling uncomfortable with their gender and excited by the thought of laying down with other guys. Being very beautiful, this generation of prettyboys naturally ended up working in the entertainment industry as dancers, contortionists, jesters, masseurs, fashion models, hookers and adult movie actors.

Anyway, in this picture we see Xim, the prettyboy who trained hard for the career of a pilot but once he hit his legal age he ended up working for Krieg, the mighty knight with a gorgeous body, who instantly fell for Xim and started hanging out with him every day until one day he proposed to Xim to become his "male wife", a new marital status on the planet Manipu that was legalized after the artificial decrease of the female population.

Since then they lived happily together under one roof. Krieg was more than enamoured by Xim's flexible body, while Maxim couldn't get enough of Krieg's muscles and power ^.^

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