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Jack's Dad

Jack in the BoxAs mentioned in the earlier pic, Jack was born without arms and legs, but his dad was a practicing chiropractor and he found a special yoga system created in the past by a yogin who suffered a similar problem.

So Jack practiced yoga since an early age and his flexibility compensated a little bit for his lacking limbs, he grew to be physically fit and active and very full of life despite his disability.

Yoga also gave him a bright mind and good blood circulation, so he grew to be a smartie, good with economics, computers, history, health care, foreign languages, etc. And he was lucky to be born in the times when the intellect mattered much more than physical integrity.

Computers could be manipulated in a thousand and one different ways, for example one could use the eyes alone with special glasses, by slightly widening the eye lids one would issue clicks on the objects on the screen that was projected right onto the surface of the eye. So literally the modern computer could be easily turned into just a pair of glasses, so you could easily become an artist, a 3D modeller or even a composer completely hands-free.

Computers allowed to work at home and you could be interviewed without even leaving home, so Jack didn't have to worry much about finding a good job. Having good money, he could order pretty much anything to be delivered to his home: from all kinds of food, drinks and whores to electronic devices and furniture. He could hire a nurse or a guide who'd take him on a trip or even a travel whenever he wanted.

Of course all these things listed above would be rather expensive but if he managed to find a really good job he could use all that, just saying :3

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