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Jack in the Box

Jack was born having neither arms nor legs. Having tried to find everything about raising a child with such disability, his parents discovered a special yoga system created by a guru from India who had a similar problem due to an accident.

Despite the parents weren't into things like yoga or contortionism, they made tons of research on the subject and made sure to raise Jack as a physically active boy despite the lack of the important limbs.

Month by month Jack would gain more and more control over his body, eventually he learned to eat, drink, draw, read books, dress and undress, and much more. He developed a very flexible neck, the strongest teeth and such good back musculature that he could bend backwards just by straining his muscles as long as the lower body was fixed in some way - this was his unique version of "push-ups" to keep himself flexible and strong.

Thanks to several TV shows he became quite famous, which let him travel around the world with his friends and family - he performed in China and Japan where he became extremely popular.

Jack matured very early, mostly because he physically couldn't waste his entire childhood on videogames, so he had tons of free time for reading.

Nowadays despite his young age (he's 19 in the picture) Jack works from home for a consulting company and knows a great deal about economics and finances, computers, history, health care, and much more (having studied everything on his own) - while at the same time he keeps working hard on his physical training and does a performance in the local circus a few times a week, entitled "Jack in a box".

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