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From Russia with Folds

"Comrade Marina, as members of the Communist party we want to congratulate you for your good work winning the Olympics games! And now the word to our leader!"

"Marina! I still remember the New Year's celebration where you showed yourself as a hard worker and a beautiful athlete! When your body folded like a book I realized that the Soviet people are truly unbreakable! It was then when I set my mind to assist you in every way in running your own contortion school and I'm glad that today we finally see the delicious fruits, so to speak."

The leader saluted the leotard-clad boys lined up to the side of the tribune. The gymnasts cheered him by raising their legs straight above their heads, holding the perfect balance for exactly 5 seconds and returning back to their previous positions.

"Yes! The Soviet Russia needs such unbreakable boys! These bodies must serve as an example to any growing child. While the capitalist pigs grow in their strength and obesity, the Soviet people will become more flexible and easily adapt to everything the future holds! And that said, let me..."

He made a gesture and another youth stepped from behind the red curtain, dressed in tight camouflage stockings and panties, a seaman's top and a navy beret on top of the golden curls. After parading all the way to the tribune, the boy stood still like a perfectly trained soldier.

"Let me introduce to you Sasha Sokolov, a young cadet from the Soviet Naval Academy! Turn around, Sasha!"

By the leader's command, Sasha turned exactly 180 degrees, holding a perfect military stance. His back was almost entirely open from the mid-thighs to the shoulders, crossed only by the string of his top and the backside of his panties. From the buttcheeks to the shoulderblades it was THE perfect back that any boy could dream of! The leader made a few steps down from the tribune to personally fondle the tanned skin of the athletic youth.

"You all know that the enemies never let us sleep in peace, so the Soviets can always use more spies and more spying techniques. Sasha will be the first of his kind but soon there will be many like him!"

The leader took a remote control from the table and switch off the lights in the entire hall. At the same time a huge, theatre-sized screen displayed a semi-detailed blueprint of the world's smallest submersible vessel, along with a boy's figure and a step-by-step of the boy folding up inside the seemingly impossible vessel.

"At the Academy, we took the liberty to teach him some degree of bending, but not all the way to the boiling point, so to speak... It's now up to coach Marina to polish it to perfection before the real submersible tests. Our engineers have been waiting for these Olympics to see how far a boy can really bend, and make their final adjustments to the blueprints. Marina's best pupil, Yasha Lebedev, truly impressed us, and we expect that he will closely work with Sasha Sokolov to inspire him to reach similar heights, or should I say depths?"

The rest of the day was long and difficult, with a lot of bendy pictures to be taken of all the gymnasts, but specially the new cadet boy Sasha, who was a complete revelation to the Soviet media!

"Is this what they call 'some degree of bending'??" muttered Marina, trying to get the mental picture of her new student and analyze his abilities. By all means, he was already perfect, what else did they want her to do? Suddenly she felt a firm, heavy palm on her shoulder. The young woman turned to give a salute to the leader.

"Coach Marina, I trust you realize the importance of this operation. It's the military matter we speak of here, so show this boy no mercy! You will receive the corresponding equipment: three glass containers, one for each month. At the end of the third month he must be able to fit into the smallest container. As your slogan goes, 'iron will in a rubber body'? I expect to see that!"

"Yes, comrade!" Marina saluted.

"The country depends on you. But as they say, all's well that bends well," the leader chuckled as he turned his broad back to Marina and walked toward his large red car.

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