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Effete Princeling

Imagine a card game's event, something like "the prince of the kingdom has heard about you and curiously welcomed you to his castle..."

"So if you manage to please him (let's say, the game is quite literally about hoes and no, not the kind you craft from two sticks and two stones XDDD), you'll get a big reward."

Djake and me were tossing ideas back and forth about a possible fantasy board game and Djake suggested a bunch of really cool ideas for card names, so I wanted to try illustrating some of them! :3

So for this card I chose Martin cuz I just keep wanting to see him as the prince of some kingdom, he must have some noble ancestors otherwise where would he get such beautiful genes?

Teddy Bear DayIn "real life" he is currently a teen model with a dream to become a nudity photographer himself.

Yes, he is 18, he is a guy AND he loves plushies XD A very, very unusual combination in 2010s :I

#Martin #animal #nudism #penor
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