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Beautiful Burden

Beautiful Burden v2Damn I was supposed to be sleeping instead of drawing this, but I just wanted to draw so badly that I stayed up to 4:00am and this is the result! Ü

After the last exercise Jessica lay down flat on her yoga mat and relaxed. Her large breasts rolled softly to the sides. They were noticeably heavy on her chest but she enjoyed the pressure.

It was worse when she had to sit or walk, then they were really pulling her forward and she'd probably develop severe back problems later in her life, if her best friend didn't make her this wonderful birthday gift: a yoga mat and a blu-ray with some exercises that strengthen the back. She was feeling lazy at first, but once she started practicing yoga, it became a real life saver and all her laziness evaporated!

Not only it helped solving the back problem but also really got her interested in stretching and made her realize what a flexible back she had. Yoga made her body feel way too good and lively, so she always practiced in the nude and had to take a shower afterwards.

Jessica stood on her feet, looked once again into the large mirror at her beautiful busty self. Only six months of yoga did miracles to her body: she was no longer that round-shouldered teenager whose awfully giant boobs were pulling down so much, making her look like a female hunchback, no, she now looked like a perfect elf from the best examples of fantasy illustrations, her shoulders were wide extended and her back felt so great and strong that her breasts felt almost weightless. After admiring herself for a while, she walked toward the bathroom.

End of story, it's too late XD I hope you'll enjoy this illustration anyway!

#boobies #nudism
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