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Barbarian Elf

Sonya was born in an elven village and her parents were very nice and kind elves and since the youngest age they taught little Sonya to dance and bend, hoping that one day she would grow into a beautiful and flexible dancer.

Alas, one day the village was plundered by a large gang of bandits who took many elves to slavery and murdered others. Sonya, to her knowledge, was the only survivor and she was very lucky to crawl into a group of friendly barbarians who took care of the lost and lonely elven girl.

The barbarians took her to their home where she found everything: food, shelter, friends, and even close ones who became like relatives to her. But the closest to her was Ruma, who taught the elven girl everything about how to be a barbarian among barbarians.

Year after year Sonya turned from a tiny lithe elf into a busty muscled savage. Everything that the elven girl's parents managed to teach her while they were still alive, was very well accepted by the barbarians, and even so much more was added through constant practice.

Sonya set the goal that she considered as her parents' last wish, to become a beautiful and flexible dancer. She stretched and practiced every day and Ruma was of great help with that too.

Not only that but like all barbarians she learned how to hold a broad sword and became a great warrior in battle and a flexible entertainer by the campfire.

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