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Artei and the Queen of Curves

Just remembering the good old days of playing TES IV Oblivion ^o^

The elven chick is the head of the Acrobats Guild. Being the master of acrobatics she can jump off a bulding without damaging herself a bit. It's also completely harmless for her to bend her body in almost every way, which is always easy money if performed in the street, and of course it's useful for striking all kinds of seductive poses ^^

As for Artei, I think he'd be extremely interested in becoming a member of the Acrobats Guild, as acrobatics has always been his greatest passion. And of course the game needs more guilds :3

Then of course he'd fall in love with the guild master, and after marrying and impregnating her, Artei himself can become the guild master XD Nice side-quest, eh?

Sadly the Acrobats Guild is nowhere to be found in the actual game, but at least the Acrobatics skill actually does exist and it does prevent injuries from falling :3 Not sure about bending in every way but I once hacked the game to be able to do some contortions:

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