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Arlen's Dance 2

Just to remind, in Arlen's dance his legs represent a snake and the top of his body represents a bird.

This dance is very dynamic and requires a very large stage like every ballet dance, however, it has a part where "the snake" almost captures "the swan" and there's a lot of extreme contortion going on, performed upon a tree stump prop (his mom's most favorite part naturally), so I wanted to depict that moment ^.^

This particular pose requires strength in the arms to hold the shoulders up against the thighs and also good neck muscles to hold the head up. It looks very dramatic in motion, appearing as if the bird is slowly making its way out of the snake's deathly embrace, further and further until it breaks free as depicted.

Despite looking harsh to the audience, the tree stump's surface is actually made of a cushiony material and covered with a silky cloth, making the contortion movements easy and smooth. No real wood was used in the making of this prop.

More about Arlen's dance, his mom and himself:

Arlen's Dance

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