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Amir's Morning

The boys had fun with amir's body last night but they shouldn't forget who's in charge in the amirate. For the next hour the troublemakers will have to serve as mere pieces of furniture, granted, both of them are masters of stasis magic and could stay in a frozen trance for hours and hours.

Azair will be a mirror holder. Who needs furniture when you have these pliant, youthful bodies which you can adjust to perfection. And Hakim, amir's faithful puppy, will be a comfy chair for this morning. Oh, lovely Hakim, he was kissing amir's feet after hearing that, his tummy will be used as a seat in such a delightful way, oh sweet pleasure to hold his beloved's weight, oh sweet excitement... amir had to give him a pinch to bring his pet back to reality.

But first of all, amir needs to take care of his own tummy, it's still feeling too loose after yesterday's play... Hakim comforts him and kisses his navel, while Azair prepares the belt. Amir sucks in his empty stomach as much as he can and in less than a minute the silky belt is wrapped over the skinny abdomen. Pleasant sensations of the pressure fill the depths of amir's tummy, Hakim kisses his neck and shoulders, so pleased to see the delight on his master's face, but amir pushes him down, Hakim submissively curls up on a pillow, crawls between his own legs and looks invitingly at amir.

Amir takes a seat upon the stretched tummy and gives Hakim a hard pinch on his testicle. The unexpected but desirable pain makes Hakim shiver, his every muscle trembles and he produces a low growl, shrinking into a human ball so tight that his ribs pop into amir's buttocks for a few seconds. Amir fondles him lovingly and the pet's growl slowly turns into fast panting and sniffing. His body softens, so pleasing, so warm to sit upon, his breathing is relaxing...

In the meanwhile beautiful Azair is already through the first stage of the stasis and is prepared to be adjusted as needed. His arm and leg make an elegant frame for amir's mirror, he half-closes his eyes and freezes completely immobilized and breathless. Amir admires the living statue for a while... the perfect balancing on the very toes, the tension of every single muscle in the dancer's well-toned body.

Suddenly Hakim's belly muscles contract and he lets out a happy sniff which brings amir back to senses. He looks at his own face in the mirror, it's beautiful, well washed and fresh in the morning, now only to lay a thin layer of makeup. In just an hour he will be in the secret garden to met her... he must look perfect for her... he hopes, oh he hopes she will be gentle... if he manages to be beautiful enough, at least at least she will be a little bit merciful this time... oh the hundreds of scars invisible to an eye, oh the neverending rhythm of agony and passion, love in its utmost purity...

Amir and some ideas in this text belong originally to Nehcy ©
Azair, Hakim, art and text by yours truly :}

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