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Alien Slave

Yesterday Aldric told me about a new character who really captured my attention so I had to draw something about him XD

His name is Sharrhi Arith and he's an extremely rich alien and a collector of slaves, but only very special slaves. Since he loves to play with boys and also loves flexible bodies, he has spent many years collecting young male contortionists from all around the universe!

The full story about this super rich and respected alien and all the details about his pervy harem is now available! ^.^

This particular slave for example belongs to the alien race that lives in deep seas and therefore they are blind and have a very soft skeletal structure due to the great underwater pressure. Sharrhi built a huge aquarium specially for this slave, it even has the required pressure so that he could feel at home.

Sharrhi has also collected really a lot of other flexible aliens, each one very expensive and rare :3

#alien #contortion #for-Aldric-Cheylan
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