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Academy Awards

Awards in various categories to encourage everyone to polish their best sides to perfection!! :3

Golden Snail - for the most flexible body!
Golden Bull - for the hardest curves!
Golden Wasp - for the smallest waist!
Golden Panther - for the sleekest torso!
Golden Kitty - for sweetest honey pot!
Golden Donkey - for the hottest buns!
Golden Urchin - for the most bizarre act XD

There were three more planned but I needed a break so maybe I'll add them in the future!

Golden Bird - for the most appetizing sausage
Golden Cow - for the most hypnotizing melons
Golden Doll - for the most smotchalicious* loins XD

*smotch = smooth crotch XD

#butt #contortion #multiple-characters #muscles #sculpture #waist-cinching #yikes
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