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Aaulin's Discovery

Aaulin's Discovery WIPAaulin is an elf who was born with an almost super natural flexibility, his body was so soft and his joints were so elastic that modern human doctors would be really worried for his health.

However, in the elven tribe where he was born, called the Oriental tribe, the elves were perfectly aware of such conditions in some children and saw them rather as a blessing, if treated properly. But it was very important to discover this hyperflexibility in a child at a very early age and educate him and his family about the preferred lifestyle that would make his too soft body into one of his strongest sides.

Traditionally, in the elven tribe, such people formed a special line of contortionists: respected performers who could amaze people by doing incredibly flexible poses, very often as part of religious rituals to turn these rituals into something really amazing and divine.

Emaryl, the teacher, a very flexible elf who was widely honored for his amazing knowledge of the body, belonged to this line and one day he discovered young Aaulin. Since then Aaulin has been practicing the art of soft body with Emaryl.

However, before Aaulin there was no such a thing as "the art of soft body". There were two separate practices: contortion and waist cinching. Contortion included the stretching of one's spine, legs, shoulders and fingers. Until the person had enough flexibility to do some really amazing postures. Waist cinching was a practice of wearing a tight belt to make the waist very small. People with such small waists could be often seen in temples, mostly priests and spiritual seekers, and they were as a rule very calm and meditative. These two practices, contortion and waist cinching, were done separately and were seen almost as two different, "incompatible" arts.

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