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A Touch of the Sun

Jura is the youngest son of the God of the Skies. He has two elder brothers and a twin-sister. All of them take care of the Sun chariot, each during their own season, bringing light and fertility to the world of the living. Jura specificially traverses teh skies in the late spring and early summer. He is associated with planting of crops and flowering of wild vegetation after the winter period.

He is believed to have a very feminine and ever youthful appearance; during the festivities dedicated to him, he is depicted by a beautiful boy, or a girl dressed like a man, riding on a horse.

The actor playing him is hired from a very distant village, so that nobody except the elders would know where he comes from and where he goes after the festival is over. It's all kept secret, but very often, after all is over, some young men desperately try to find that village where he came from. Sometimes they succeed, sometimes after years of searching, but sometimes not, and then it is believed that it was Jura himself who visited the earth. Sometimes it is true.

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