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1001 Nights of Training

Once upon a time there was a sultan who was fond of various wondrous things but nothing could please his eyes more than a sight of extremely flexible body positions done by his beautiful women, so he had a whole harem of beauties working out day and night just to train themselves to bend in the ways he liked.

His name was Al'Hazbend and he lived an extremely long life of 100 years and raised several generations of body benders, most of whom worked on their spinal extensions since birth and developed their backbones to the point where the sultan had to be very inventive to think of any new twists they could not do yet. He specially loved walking through his harem's training rooms to watch over the progress of his beauties.

Needless to say, that body bending remained a popular activity for women all over the country during the whole time of his rule, as it was quite possible for a poor beggar girl to get in the sultan's palace merely by showing off in the marketplace what her parents taught her to do. Surely it was hard to overcome the women of the harem, all trained by strong and skillful harem guards, but it was a realistic dream to have, especially for girls who were blessed by God to have been born naturally flexible.

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