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En garde! Touché!

Today we go back to the 17th century France! Meet d'Artagnan and prepare for some serious bendy battle!

Another classical book unfolds to tell a story. The famous French gymnast Pierre Blanchet loses his 'Pierrot the Clown' makeup for the 1st time to dress up as the character from "The Three Musketeers" by one of his favorite writers, Alexandre Dumas!

"It took me a whole day shopping all over Paris until I put together a perfect costume, but the rapier was the most expensive piece, so now I'm broke and will probably have to camwhore for weeks to pay the credit," confesses Pierre.

The Gascon teenager Nathaniel d'Artagnan has captivated our gymnast's heart so much that Pierre now takes the heavy book everywhere with him, promising to send even more d'Artagnan inspired pictures our way pretty soon.

"I always loved books because they fold so nicely, so call me a bookworm but I take the daily challenge to read as many pages as I can while myself laying with my back folded in two! My personal record is 18 pages, but I'm trying hard to beat it. Being a bookworm really helps with the warm up, pardon the pun. It's really easy to perform on stage after some good reading, I almost feel like turning into a book myself!"

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