Cutter's Contortion Skills

Elf Quest's Cut­ter show­ing some ex­cel­lent con­tor­tion skills! :3

Af­ter all these years that I keep see­ing the Elf Quest char­ac­ters every now and then, I fi­nal­ly tried to read the ac­tu­al com­ic it­self, so this is a lit­tle at­tempt to study Cut­ter the way he ap­pears in the 1st is­sue :3

I thought "damn I'm nail­ing Wendy Pi­ni's style so well" and on­ly 2 hours lat­er when I zoomed out I fig­ured my draw­ing looks more like a sketch than a com­ic style and Cut­ter's pro­por­tions don't match the way he ap­pears in the com­ic at all, ha­ha XD

Well, I still very much wan­na nail a com­ic style some day so I'll prac­tice a bit more lat­er I think :3

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