Cthulhu's Pet Happy VDay, Clooloo!

All NSFW content is hidden. Click here if you want to unhide it. As everybody knows, Cthulhu is currently laying in his eternal sleep, but...who's he sleeping with exactly? XD Although some mysteries are better left uncovered, but no secret is safe in this age of high technology and it's recently been discovered that on every Valentine's Day Cthulhu gets a new toy to play with and his divinity's cultists never disappoint...

As a rule a rather charming neophyte would be chosen for the sacrifice. His body would be sunk into a green slimy substance, in this matter his physique suffers several terrible mutations: all his limbs melt like wax into loathsome eel-like boneless tentacles, while his torso liquefies to an almost spineless condition, so he could disfigure himself into utterly non-euclidean shapes. His facial features become even softer and more effeminate than before...

Cthulhu, of course, is very pleased with all this, especially the non-euclidean part and also he really likes when his pet calls him Clooloo or Thu-Thu *giggle* (but try to call him Loolz and he'd tear your soul apart XD)

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