The idea of mak­ing a non-hu­man con­tor­tion­ist isn't re­al­ly new, I guess any in­tel­li­gent race of crea­tures would soon­er or lat­er come up with an art form sim­i­lar to con­tor­tion­ism, so it's some­times in­ter­est­ing to guess what it might look like.

Cen­taur's pos­si­bil­i­ties in con­tor­tion­ism would be quite pos­si­bly end­less, hav­ing such a com­plex body, so many limbs and twice as long a back­bone... Well, I guess the splits is the on­ly pos­ture that would look fun­ny rather than el­e­gant on a cen­taur xD

How­ev­er, for the first time I tried to go with some­thing sim­ple and just see if the horse part would look en­joy­able enough do­ing my fa­vorite tight fold. I found some pic­tures of the horse skele­ton and dis­cov­ered the back­bend looks very sim­i­lar to the hu­man body in the same po­si­tion, so there's not re­al­ly much new I learned from this but I en­tire­ly en­joyed draw­ing this char­ac­ter nev­er­the­less...^^

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