Collie the Shepherd

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As every­body knows, shep­herds take care of sheep whose wool can be used to cre­ate com­fort­able beds and some clothes to be ex­port­ed to the North. The pro­fes­sion it­self is quite won­der­ful to those who love to take care of this fluffy an­i­mal.

Typ­i­cal­ly, shep­herds are known for their tra­di­tion to wear a dog's col­lar around their necks but there's one girl down in Sup­ple­ham who can be seen, more of­ten than not, wear­ing the same tiny thinger right on her wasp-like waist!

Col­lie is of­ten ques­tioned about her fetish but since all shep­herds are very talk­a­tive and Col­lie isn't an ex­cep­tion, it's best not to ask un­less you're not in a hur­ry. She just loves go­ing on and on about every de­tail...

But long sto­ry short, when she was a child she saw a beau­ti­ful gyp­sy whose waist was so tight-belt­ed that Col­lie re­mem­bered it for­ev­er and on the very same day be­gan train­ing to get there one­day her­self. On­ly af­ter years of dai­ly train­ing the buck­le fi­nal­ly locked the col­lar tight­ly around her waist­line. Alas, on­ly for a cou­ple of min­utes! The next long-term train­ing stage was ded­i­cat­ed to learn wear­ing it full-time... But in her late teens the col­lar fi­nal­ly turned in­to some­thing like a part of her body and Col­lie could no longer feel her­self at home with­out the sweet pres­sure on her waist.

Much like her twin sis­ter Lana and the ma­jor­i­ty of peo­ple in Sup­ple­ham, Col­lie is a nud­ist who can't wrap her head around the fact that peo­ple choose to wear clothes. Luck­i­ly, nud­ism is still le­gal in the coun­try­side.

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