Collie Everwette

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Col­lie is a shep­herd from the vil­lage of Sup­ple­ham.

Shep­herds are need­ed to take care of the sheep whose wool is used to cre­ate the most com­fort­able beds, so that peo­ple can sleep su­per well. Much like cows and hors­es, sheep are nev­er used as food, be­cause all an­i­mals have the same rights as hu­man chil­dren: they can be tak­en care of but it doesn't mean they can be eat­en if they die, even by ac­ci­dent.

And to take care of the sheep they need shep­herds :3 All shep­herds have this long tra­di­tion to wear a dog's col­lar around their necks but Col­lie wears the same tiny col­lar on her waist in­stead, and the rea­son for this is her lit­tle sto­ry...

Once when she was a child, she saw a very beau­ti­ful gyp­sy pass­ing through her home vil­lage of Sup­ple­ham, and the im­age of the no­mad's tight-belt­ed waist got stuck in the lit­tle girl's head so much that she couldn't stop think­ing about that for many years, al­ways mea­sur­ing her own waist and try­ing to in­vent ex­er­cis­es to make it small­er. In her teens she grad­u­al­ly trained her­self to get clos­er and clos­er to her goal, un­til one day she fi­nal­ly man­aged to tug the dog's col­lar all the way un­til the buck­le locked on her waist! That was the hap­pi­est day in her en­tire life be­cause it took so many years of work, while every­body was telling her to give up be­cause the col­lar was ob­vi­ous­ly too small, but she nev­er gave up and one day--booy­ah!

But that was just the be­gin­ning be­cause there was much dis­com­fort hav­ing to live with the col­lar on, though that didn't lim­it her but in­stead in­spired her to be­come even more en­er­getic and she filled her day with phys­i­cal ac­tiv­i­ties to im­prove her blood flow, un­til her body adapt­ed to it so much that she stopped notic­ing the thing, even while wear­ing it all day. The col­lar be­came such a nat­ur­al part of her that one day she re­al­ized her en­tire body felt com­plete­ly nor­mal like this, and that was some­how weird and bor­ing, as she was way too used to the feel­ing of chal­lenge. So fol­low­ing her girl­friend's ad­vice, she start­ed prac­tic­ing some yo­ga and front­bend­ing, which let her feel the sweet pres­sure on her waist once again :3

Just like her girl­friend Er­i­ca, her broth­er Gar­rett and sis­ter Lana, Col­lie's a nud­ist and, aside from her col­lar, she can't stand clothes. Much like her sis­ter, she can't wrap her head around the fact that some peo­ple do choose to wear clothes. In her opin­ion, if the weath­er in their place is too cold, why don't they sim­ply move to Sup­ple­ham? Luck­i­ly, not every­one in the world shares this opin­ion, oth­er­wise the vil­lage with its le­gal­ized nud­ism would be over­crowd­ed.


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