Coffee Demon

All NSFW content is hidden. Click here if you want to unhide it. Who said that androids cannot be coffee machines? This model is the real Demon of Coffee! Make him drink a jug of water and stuff your favorite coffee capsules up his ass and have the hottest possible morning coffee in the entire Universe!

Coffee Demon is recommended for bars, shops, offices and other small businesses. Like most androids, this model is certified for performing contortion, bellydance, juggling, pole dancing, striptease and a variety of other entertaining programs for corporate events and private parties.

With enough capsules and water, Coffee Demon can serve up to 3L of coffee at once, especially spectacular when combined with a dancing program. Factory presets include over 30 different entertaining programs created by award-winning AI coders, so you'll never get bored even if you party every day! All this and more for only $9666!

Note: this model is not compatible with genital mods. It is highly discouraged to use it for sexual activities. Please consider obtaining regular androids in addition to this model if you wish to spice up your party with such activities.

Here you can also see some of Coffee Demon's flexibiilty (he's the one on the top):

CyberToys Expo - Open Air

Thanks to Deskleaves for this wonderful idea to make a coffee machine instead of the genitals add-on!! XD

Hope you like! :3 You can also find this work here:

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