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What Else Can Fold?

"A wallet!" a fellow beggar hissed, jumping on the item just dropped by some noble. "We better run and hide until they're back for it!"

After hiding in a safe, dirty place where the nobility will never set their foot, we open the wallet, ready to count our fortune.

"Lucky times... Here's your share, sis!" he gives me a fair share of 10 gold! "Don't I deserve a kiss?"

- Erika
Yunia Online

Well, hope nobody is hoBophobic because this guy is just impossible to wash and your hands will always be dirty after touching him >.>

Coal was raised on rock and of course he's not as fancy and effeminate as his older brother, Diamond, who is basically just Coal that underwent millions of years of tight-lacing in his life... But still, Coal is more useful to us humans. And a lot, a lot cheaper! You can burn it in the oven, make torches with it if you have sticks, or even make tools for drawing, among other things!

Coal is not as hard as his older brother, but unlike the ever cold Diamond, Coal can get super hot and keep your life warm for a long long time! Did I mention long? Yes, so long, so warm, so dirty... XD

Hope you like! :3 You can also find this work here:

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