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Well, hope no­body is hoBo­pho­bic be­cause this guy is just im­pos­si­ble to wash and your hands will al­ways be dirty af­ter touch­ing him >.>

Coal was raised on rock and of course he's not as fan­cy and ef­fem­i­nate as his old­er broth­er, Di­a­mond, who is ba­si­cal­ly just Coal that un­der­went mil­lions of years of tight-lac­ing in his life... But still, Coal is more use­ful to us hu­mans. And a lot, a lot cheap­er! You can burn it in the oven, make torch­es with it if you have sticks, or even make tools for draw­ing, among oth­er things!

Coal is not as hard as his old­er broth­er, but un­like the ever cold Di­a­mond, Coal can get su­per hot and keep your life warm for a long long time! Did I men­tion long? Yes, so long, so warm, so dirty... XD

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