Circus x Circus

In this game you can walk around the city and amuse various characters with the amazing tricks you can perform :3

Basic controls

Click anywhere to walk there.
Click on an item to pick it up.
Click and hold an item, then drag it around.
Click on an item in the inventory (bottom left corner) to drop it.

How to play

You control the main character, Rilly, who also has two friends (Darris and Ilver).

You can make your friends follow you by picking up their portraits. Darris' portrait is in the house to the left (with the darkest roof), Ilver's portrait is in the house to the right. When they follow you, you can click on them if you want to control them directly.

First, to amuse the citizens you need to gather some fire points. Just move to the south of your home until you see the beach with 3 little campfires which you need to pick up. The 3 fire points are enough to do all the tricks in the game, but after doing a trick you need to wait a little bit until the fire points recharge. They're shown in the top left corner as red bullets.

Second, you need to pick up the performer's outfits, you can find them in the houses of Darris, Rilly and Ilver. Note that in Rilly's house you'll also find a diving gear: you can put it on by picking it up and take it off by dropping it from your inventory. The diving gear prevents you from wearing the performer's outfit, so make sure you put on the performer's outfit first.

Click on the arrow to the right side of this sprite to choose a different action, then click on the sprite to confirm your action. The special actions may vary depending on the current character.

After you amuse the citizen, he/she will give you some gold. The gold is displayed in the top right corner.

You can also talk with the citizens by clicking on them (keep clicking to exchange more phrases).

The game will automatically save your progress, so you can run the game later and continue playing. You can restart the game by clicking on the notepad icon in the bottom left corner and choosing 'Start a new game'.

That's all! XD I hope you will have 5-10 minutes of fun with this game ^^

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