Circus x Circus

In this game you can walk around the city and amuse var­i­ous char­ac­ters with the amaz­ing tricks you can per­form :3

Ba­sic con­trols

Click any­where to walk there.
Click on an item to pick it up.
Click and hold an item, then drag it around.
Click on an item in the in­ven­to­ry (bot­tom left cor­ner) to drop it.

How to play

You con­trol the main char­ac­ter, Ril­ly, who al­so has two friends (Dar­ris and Il­ver).

You can make your friends fol­low you by pick­ing up their por­traits. Dar­ris' por­trait is in the house to the left (with the dark­est roof), Il­ver's por­trait is in the house to the right. When they fol­low you, you can click on them if you want to con­trol them di­rect­ly.

First, to amuse the cit­i­zens you need to gath­er some fire points. Just move to the south of your home un­til you see the beach with 3 lit­tle camp­fires which you need to pick up. The 3 fire points are enough to do all the tricks in the game, but af­ter do­ing a trick you need to wait a lit­tle bit un­til the fire points recharge. They're shown in the top left cor­ner as red bul­lets.

Sec­ond, you need to pick up the per­former's out­fits, you can find them in the hous­es of Dar­ris, Ril­ly and Il­ver. Note that in Ril­ly's house you'll al­so find a div­ing gear: you can put it on by pick­ing it up and take it off by drop­ping it from your in­ven­to­ry. The div­ing gear pre­vents you from wear­ing the per­former's out­fit, so make sure you put on the per­former's out­fit first.

Click on the ar­row to the right side of this sprite to choose a dif­fer­ent ac­tion, then click on the sprite to con­firm your ac­tion. The spe­cial ac­tions may vary de­pend­ing on the cur­rent char­ac­ter.

Af­ter you amuse the cit­i­zen, he/she will give you some gold. The gold is dis­played in the top right cor­ner.

You can al­so talk with the cit­i­zens by click­ing on them (keep click­ing to ex­change more phras­es).

The game will au­to­mat­i­cal­ly save your progress, so you can run the game lat­er and con­tin­ue play­ing. You can restart the game by click­ing on the notepad icon in the bot­tom left cor­ner and choos­ing 'Start a new game'.

That's all! XD I hope you will have 5-10 min­utes of fun with this game ^^

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