Chuya's Practice

Shamans of­ten pre­ferred sharp­en­ing their (and their ap­pren­tice's) skills in var­i­ous beau­ti­ful des­o­late places. This is just one of those evenings and one of those places ^^

When Chuya was just hav­ing a great time en­joy­ing him­self at the edge of a black cliff, play­ing with the sen­sa­tions his body was get­ting from the pos­ture and ad­mir­ing the set­ting sun, he to­tal­ly didn't ex­pect that Young Lord of the Woods, Sowi'ng­wa him­self would ap­pear to look at him ^^;

Though it hap­pened to be one mer­ry spir­it and he gave Chuya a gift on his way back home through this very for­est: Chuya met a wolf and then two big coy­otes and each time he had to pre­pare his bow wait­ing for at­tack, but the an­i­mals were just star­ing at him rather peace­ful­ly and the coy­otes even grinned as if they were cheer­ing him.

"One blood, you and me", said Chuya.

Okay, so this is Chuya meet­ing one kind for­est spir­it. Chuya means "snake", and Sowi'ng­wa means "black-tailed deer" :3

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