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Cy­ber­Toys™ is a cat­a­log of col­lec­table an­droids re­leased by Cy­ber­Skin Inc. They're very sim­i­lar to old fash­ion col­lec­table fig­urines, ex­cept they're full-fea­tured an­droids and can move, talk, kiss and do what­ev­er else you want. Cy­ber­Skin tra­di­tion­al­ly re­leas­es their an­droids as "base mod­els", with a min­i­mal­is­tic set of clothes and a smooth crotch area, so all mod­els are open to third-par­ty cus­tomiza­tions.

De­scrip­tion: Based on the body of the French con­tor­tion­ist Char­lie Blouin who's re­cent­ly gained pop­u­lar­i­ty for his nude con­tor­tion tu­to­ri­als as well as his "Char­lie's Friends" se­ries. The mod­el re­pro­duces all of Char­lie's con­tor­tion lessons, as well as his per­for­mances. "Char­lie's Friends" is an on-go­ing se­ries where Char­lie in­vites var­i­ous fa­mous peo­ple to find out how far they could stretch him. Ever dreamed of be­ing in the shoes of one of those peo­ple who lay their hands on the body of the sweet teen con­tor­tion­ist? Well, now you can ex­per­i­ment with your very own Char­lie all day long and grad­u­al­ly un­lock var­i­ous se­cret po­si­tions and ad­vanced bends. Char­lie gets pro­gres­sive­ly more flex­i­ble the more hours you in­vest in­to his train­ing. He will progress from Lev­el 1 to Lev­el 99, al­though the high­er lev­els will re­quire you to be ex­treme­ly in­ven­tive. All this and more for af­ford­able price of on­ly $7799!

Note: Ac­cord­ing to the law, the gen­i­tal set must be pur­chased sep­a­rate­ly. The li­censed gen mod for Char­lie can be found in third-par­ty cat­a­logs as P416-CH, al­though the mod­el is gen­er­al­ly com­pat­i­ble with any USP 5.0+ gen­i­tals.

Warn­ing: gen mods heav­ier than 10 lbs (4.5 kg) will be re­ject­ed by the mod­el. We strong­ly dis­cour­age you from hack­ing this lim­i­ta­tion as the mod­el's skele­tal struc­ture is ac­cu­rate­ly bal­anced to be light-weight and dy­nam­ic.

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