Change the World

"I want to change the world
kaze wo kak­enukete
nan­i­mo os­orezu ni
ima yuu­ki to
egao no KAK­ERA daite
Change my mind
jounet­su tayasazu ni
taka­naru mi­rai e
te wo nobase­ba
ka­gayakeru hazu sa
It's won­der­land"

- Inu Yasha open­ing theme

I want to change the world
Pierc­ing through the gales,
un­afraid of any­thing,
Now I hold my courage
and pieces of my smile
Change my mind
If we reach out
to the soar­ing fu­ture
with­out los­ing our pas­sion,
we'll be able to shine,
It's won­der­land

...As the food on Earth kept get­ting worse, all the sci­en­tif­ic re­sources were put in­to find­ing a more adap­tive nu­tri­tion sys­tem for the hu­man body. It was the goal No.1 for every­body be­cause it felt like the hu­man race was doomed to die of star­va­tion. And it was even­tu­al­ly dis­cov­ered. It was so great that it re­quired on­ly a small tube-like sys­tem to feed the whole or­gan­ism and it worked on pills in­stead of meals.

The surgery was com­plete­ly free be­cause af­ter­wards the per­son didn't need any reg­u­lar food any­more and it was a huge econ­o­my fac­tor, since the nu­tri­tion pills could be made of al­most any or­gan­ic trash. Be­cause of this, the gov­ern­ment sup­port­ed this surgery a lot and in many coun­tries reg­u­lar food be­came ex­treme­ly pri­cy, forc­ing many peo­ple to un­der­go the surgery.

But the surgery in­volved re­moval of al­most all of the nat­ur­al or­gans in­volved in di­ges­tion, so the draw­backs of the new nu­tri­tion was hav­ing a deep hol­low in the ab­domen, and the mus­cles nor­mal­ly weren't able to sup­port the tor­so af­ter this surgery, so the pa­tients had to wear corsets for a while. But soon these corsets start­ed get­ting more and more fan­cy and many peo­ple even stopped de­vel­op­ing their mus­cles prop­er­ly to be able to walk with­out the corset, it was so much eas­i­er to just keep wear­ing it and make it all pret­ty.

Much like the world was crowd­ed by long­haired guys in the 70s, it was now crowd­ed by waspy beau­ties. The new hu­man body was high­ly praised by the me­dia, while the ad­dicts to nor­mal food and nor­mal body shape had hard­er and hard­er times as most of the reg­u­lar food shops, restau­rants and cafes were closed.

In a few decades, ad­dic­tion to old food be­came a crime com­pa­ra­ble to drug use, and peo­ple who moved to wild ar­eas to be able to sur­vive on old food and keep their bod­ies un­changed were hunt­ed down by the po­lice, while old­school farm­ers were seen al­most as drug lords.

Even sim­ply say­ing that an ex­treme­ly small waist is ug­ly or call­ing the dis­em­bow­el­ing surgery a "mu­ti­la­tion" has be­come a crim­i­nal of­fense. The last per­son who had mem­o­ries of the old world died many years ago and now the pre­vi­ous ver­sion of the hu­man body could on­ly be seen in re­al­ly old movies that no­body watched any­way.

The world was no longer the same...

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