Chains of Misery

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Even though elves gen­er­al­ly de­spise demons for their un­con­trolled bru­tal­i­ty and so­phis­ti­cat­ed sex­u­al de­vi­a­tions, it doesn't mean they couldn't make a very good use of it? For quite a while elves used the Gar­den of Demons as some sort of a cheap train­ing cen­ter, where any brave elf could earn a great amount of ex­pe­ri­ence at no cost (as well as a nice tan thanks to the desert sun).

At the ear­ly stage of his mil­i­tary ser­vice course, the elf would have to prove he has the right amount of guts (sic!) to be a true war­rior. He'd have to or­ga­nize a sit­u­a­tion where he'd be cap­tured and en­slaved by the demons. As part of his nec­es­sary train­ing, he would have to spend at least a cou­ple of weeks in cap­tiv­i­ty be­fore he'd make an at­tempt to es­cape and re­turn to his al­lies at the el­ven side. By do­ing so he would nat­u­ral­ly ad­vance in a great num­ber of im­por­tant skills and im­prove his en­durance and cun­ning, es­pe­cial­ly while plan­ning his es­cape route.

Of course, many (most?) demons are per­fect­ly aware of this el­ven trick­ery, thanks to their spies in Teathill, and would al­ways take ad­van­tage of their hand­some el­ven cap­tives, again, at no cost. They knew the elf would have to spend at least a cou­ple of weeks in cap­tiv­i­ty and wouldn't at­tempt to leave, quite the con­trary, would try to get as much "ex­pe­ri­ence" as pos­si­ble from his stay. And the demons would read­i­ly of­fer it. There was more than enough time to play with the new "toy" un­til it gets bor­ing, and then af­ter the two weeks they'd just re­lease him with a good slap on his elfish ass. Every­one's hap­py, no­body's an­gry, right? :3

Need­less to say, this kind of a dou­ble game has al­ways been an end­less well of fun and in­spi­ra­tion for both sides. In the end, how­ev­er, the elves fig­ured out it's no re­al test of courage any­more and had to come up with some­thing new...

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