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"A horse's mis­be­hav­iour will be in di­rect pro­por­tion to the num­ber of peo­ple who are watch­ing." (Mur­phy's Horse Laws)

Hay Neigh-bor! So you're here to learn about the cen­taurs. Well, cen­taurs sure won't bur­den you with tomes of knowl­edge, they're very sim­ple, so sim­ple that they don't wear any clothes, have a min­i­mal "cul­ture" and spend most of the time play­ing their fa­vorite game of Chase, run­ning wild across the vast steppes. Cen­taurs are very sex-lov­ing, per­haps on­ly elves are more fond of love­mak­ing than cen­taurs, so the re­ward in this game is per­fect­ly ob­vi­ous :) The Chase be­tween the op­po­site gen­ders is a bit less fre­quent as ap­par­ent­ly it re­sults in breed­ing, but it's al­so the fa­vored way be­cause chil­dren of the Chase are al­ways born dex­ter­ous and en­er­getic.

Their oth­er fa­vorite game is archery, they use wood­en bolts to hit fruits off those very high trees that they can't climb oth­er­wise. But since ba­sic archery is bor­ing, al­most all archers are great con­tor­tion­ists who nev­er shoot from nor­mal po­si­tions. The whole art of archery is to see how far you can twist and still hit the yum­my fruit!

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