Centauress in Repose

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A re­laxed Cen­tau­ress... I was think­ing about draw­ing cen­taurs for a long time, al­ways thought they were kin­da nat­u­ral­ly flex­i­ble hav­ing their backs bent at 90 de­grees be­tween the horse and hu­man bod­ies. The way they do cen­taurs in movies some­times makes me think they ac­tu­al­ly put con­tor­tion­ist ac­tors in­side some re­mote­ly con­trolled horse dolls X3

So I thought I'd make a cen­tau­ress pic­cy, but I need­ed to fig­ure out some­thing more un­usu­al, so I thought some pret­ty and calm pose where her hu­man and horse part in­ter­act in some way would re­al­ly com­pli­ment the beau­ty of this won­der­ful crea­ture ^^

She looks re­al­ly mas­sive, yet sor­ta grace­ful and very soft, I like that :3

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