Celestial Flesh Garden

A lit­tle 5-minute slice from the life of ce­les­tials :D

"Hey, this one is pret­ty soft. Feels ripe to me. Hey, check this out. Squish squish!"

"Thanks, but I'll check it out when you wear it."

"You don't care what my next body's gonna be??"

"But they're all the same."

"Young­sters... When you're over 20,000 years of age, you learn to feel such nu­ances that your tongue would refuse to call them 'all the same'."

"Then why are you ask­ing for MY sug­ges­tions, old­ster?"

"Be­cause I wan­na look good for you."

"Then why every time I sug­gest bet­ter sam­ples that -I- like, you be­gin to com­plain and ex­plain to me why they're not as good as they look... C'mon, we have this very same talk every two years for the last two thou­sand years..."

"You should pick one for your­self too, by the way. Look at all that hair, I can bare­ly see your butt any­more."

"Thanks but I pre­fer to change when it's down to my knees."

"I know, still miss­ing the sight of your butt every time your body grows so old..."

"It's not old, it's on­ly 21! And, well, I can do a pony­tail when we're back, I think I should still have some ma­te­ri­als left some­where..."

"I got a full pack of tiny hu­mans, don't wor­ry. Bet­ter warm up your tongue, this one's got one hell of a deep navel, I can't even reach the bot­tom! Damn, you're gonna love it..."

"Hey, stop it! You know you're not sup­posed to play with the bod­ies un­til you ac­tu­al­ly trans­plant in­to them! If the guards see us, we're both gonna have to wear these old bod­ies un­til our hair grows to the floor!"

"Oh dear, look at this, a 3,737 years old is telling a 21,421 years old what to do!"

"I'm gonna make you re­peat that tongue twister over and over when your tongue's in­side my navel tonight, old­ster."

"Old­ster, old­ster... At least my bod­ies are al­ways younger than yours!"

"Yeah, be­cause you al­ways get new ones, where­as I put a re­al ef­fort in­to each of my bod­ies to see how much I can squeeze out of them."

"When I was your age, I man­aged to do such stuff with my bod­ies that you couldn't even wrap your head around it. Now, wait for an­oth­er 10,000 years and you'll get bored of all these... 'pos­si­bil­i­ties'."

"Oh re­al­ly? Just be­cause you did? Per­son­al­ly, I don't think I'll ever get tired of hav­ing fun with my bod­ies, ac­tu­al­ly."

"Just a young­ster's talk."

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