Car­avaserai is a spe­cial place where trad­ing car­a­vans can stop for a night and rest from their bor­ing jour­neys. At first car­a­vanserais were sim­ple road­side inns but lat­er trans­formed in­to leisure cen­ters, where tal­ent­ed dancers and ac­ro­bats could al­ways find a job and a plen­ty of ad­mir­ers of their ex­ot­ic tal­ents.

In­side a car­a­vanserai's for­ti­fied walls many mir­a­cles await the trav­el­ers who de­cide to take a break from their jour­neys. The most mirac­u­lous are the wasped bel­ly­dancers! The sight of their in­hu­man­ly thin waists and their hyp­not­ic rolling of their wide hips are not eas­i­ly for­got­ten.

Need­less to say that a car­a­vanserai is an ex­treme­ly prof­itable busi­ness for its own­er, as well as the best place for tal­ent­ed youths to con­vert their sweat­drops in­to shiny gold and make a liv­ing on their hob­by.

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