Cabaret Noir

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The dark skinned beau­ty bent over back­wards and grace­ful­ly like a fe­line land­ed his palms on the floor not far be­hind his feet. His body made a tight arc and he curved deep­er, bring­ing his head be­tween his own thighs; his spine obeyed the dancer's am­bi­tion with­out re­sis­tance. He raised his ex­ot­ic slant­ed eyes at his dance­mate and smiled with a tease.

His blond mus­cled part­ner was the sole per­son in the room to cap­ture this smile as it was com­plete­ly shield­ed from the au­di­ence by Sasa's thighs lay­ing on his very shoul­ders to the left and right of his face. The sight of this beau­ti­ful face en­closed by the smooth dark thighs was so de­light­ful that Dar­iush felt as if his low­er bel­ly start­ed fill­ing with hot wa­ter from in­side.

At this point he was sup­posed to grace­ful­ly wave at Sasa and then smile at the au­di­ence, as if pre­sent­ing this ex­treme and el­e­gant stunt to the crowd's en­joy­ment, but he just couldn't take his eyes off that beau­ti­ful dark face. He felt hyp­no­tized by the sight, his legs them­selves slid in­to a split and in a sec­ond he found him­self land­ing right next to his rav­ish­ing friend.

Sasa was caught a lit­tle by sur­prise by this but re­al­ized that he him­self was to blame, so he de­cid­ed to play along and reached for his boyfriend's part­ed lips. He raised one of his legs in the air to make the kiss­ing vis­i­ble to the crowd. It was em­barass­ing as hell but it would have been a lot worse to keep it pri­vate, mak­ing out right on the stage while try­ing to hide from every­one. At least this way it re­al­ly looked like a planned part and their lips touched to the pub­lic's ap­plause...

Sasa be­longs to Nazz­ba ©

Dar­iush is my new black thau­maturge char­ac­ter that I pre­vi­ous­ly drew here and thought it wouldn't hurt to poke my tablet pen around those curvy mus­cles of his some more X3

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