C-lene is a plan­et wrapped al­most com­plete­ly with wa­ter, hav­ing on­ly one sin­gle con­ti­nent that stretch­es un­bro­ken along the equa­tor, sep­a­rat­ing the two vast oceans that cov­er its north­ern and south­ern hemi­spheres.

A long long time ago, this con­ti­nent was a trop­i­cal world full of rain­forests, beach­es and col­or­ful wildlife, which be­came the cra­dle for the species of beau­ti­ful hu­manoids with soft fea­tures, adorable ears and shiny freck­les cov­er­ing their skin. They were the true gems of this world, un­touched even by preda­tors.

Alas, the im­mense growth of their civ­i­liza­tion and the sheer lack of space turned it in­to an end­less mega­lopo­lis whose build­ings would grow high­er and high­er, thou­sands af­ter thou­sands of years...

To­day C-lene has the "ring of civ­i­liza­tion" con­sist­ing of such big struc­tures that it's vis­i­ble from space, and the two great oceans are slow­ly but steadi­ly be­com­ing tox­ic dumps, whose poi­so­nous va­pors make the low­er urbs dan­ger­ous for health, so high­er and high­er urbs are be­ing con­stant­ly built, but the high­er the more ex­pen­sive they are.

Of­fi­cial­ly the low­est urbs are con­sid­ered as a dead zone where no­body lives, but in re­al­i­ty there are still all kinds of sur­vivors down there, most­ly lead­ing crim­i­nal lives and strug­gling with mu­ta­tions.

The mid­dle urbs are a slave zone, it is safe but cheap, and once born there, one is doomed to live a life of be­ing some­one's play­toy, but even this lit­tle re­quires a lot of hard work as be­ing a play­toy im­plies hav­ing the most pli­able body, as the main en­ter­tain­ment on C-lene is body ma­nip­u­la­tions, and the more ex­treme ma­nip­u­la­tions a slave can with­stand, the high­er is his salary.

"His" be­cause 89% of C-le­neans are males and on­ly 11% are fe­males be­cause of a virus that was sup­posed to solve the prob­lem of over­pop­u­la­tion, which it did but at the cost of mak­ing the male/male re­la­tion­ship a norm and turn­ing women in­to de­ity-like princess­es. Thus even on the low­er lev­els women are nev­er used as play­toys, al­though they're still in a way slaves of their abil­i­ty of child­birth...

The high urbs are a no­ble zone, the home of the Queen and her knights, as well as all kinds of re­spectable peo­ple who have all the mon­ey in the world in their bank ac­counts, and give bits of it on­ly to those who please them. Thus, de­pend­ing on where one was born and which gen­der they have, their des­tiny is pret­ty clear.

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