Brighter Than The Sun

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"The princess sent me to tell you she wouldn't mind some pret­zels for break­fast."

+ = THIS! :D

Here's a cou­ple of el­ven boys who cur­rent­ly work in the palace of the el­ven princess named Ar­isha.

Amtril on the bot­tom was stolen by gyp­sies as a ba­by and grew up around out­laws, trained to amuse for mon­ey which all went in­to the gyp­sies' pock­ets, un­til one day the el­ven princess saw him per­form­ing and freed him, but af­ter he ex­plained that con­tor­tion was the on­ly skill he had, she made him her per­son­al bendy jester, so he could con­tin­ue liv­ing off the skills he al­ready had. Amtril was too used to work in front of men, so sud­den­ly work­ing for a beau­ti­ful princess felt so dif­fer­ent that he in­stant­ly fell in love with her.

Falaerin on the top is the princess's child­hood friend, they met when they were both kids and Falaerin was so adorable that the princess just wouldn't let him go, even though he wasn't any sort of no­ble and just a reg­u­lar vil­lager's son. As he grew up his long-haired cute­ness flour­ished in­to beau­ty, but he al­so be­came a ma­jor perv, even by very very high el­ven stan­dards. When the princess brought this new bendy boy to the palace, Falaerin was far more amused than Ar­isha her­self.

But there's no such things as "love tri­an­gles" in Yu­nia, usu­al­ly such re­la­tion­ships are grace­ful­ly re­solved by the means of three­some, which is ex­act­ly what hap­pened in the end. Amtril didn't re­al­ly mind hav­ing a yet an­oth­er male part­ner in his life since he was far more ex­pe­ri­enced with that kind of thing any­way. Ar­isha found it odd­ly en­ter­tain­ing to watch the two boys kiss­ing, above all that both cutiepies be­longed to her. And Falaerin was just too per­vy to even con­sid­er choos­ing be­tween the two.

p.s. The woman on the poster is NOT the princess!! XD­DD It's the Snow­maid­en from here:

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