A rel­a­tive­ly young busi­ness­man with no­ble roots and an ex­cel­lent sense of time, mon­ey and peo­ple's roles. Even though his busi­ness com­pa­ny 3rd Dig­it LLC was found­ed thanks to the mon­ey of his rich par­ents, it now ful­ly be­longs to him­self, along with a large es­tate and oth­er prop­er­ty.

Ex­treme­ly de­mand­ing of his re­sources, Bri­an us­es all his be­long­ings to the fullest but al­so keeps them in ide­al shape, which in­cludes peo­ple too, es­pe­cial­ly lovers: his ef­fem­i­nate nephew Mar­tin, as well as the two girls Mary and Eri­ka from Mar­tin's yo­ga class.

He hates suits and the head of­fice, much pre­fer­ring the lux­u­ry of work­ing from home, wear­ing noth­ing but a bathrobe over his built body.

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