Break the Black Ice

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Break the Black Ice

I probably heard a bazillion times about this legendary bendy mage!! They say his talent was known in every corner of the world ever since he was a child. But that was many, many centuries ago...

He was born in Beltimore to a gypsy mom. She was a jeweler, crafting crystal balls for fortune-tellers and made quite a fortune on that. She helped the boy to indulge in his early love for flexibility, thus he became her most famous gem! He inspires musicians to play beautifully for him, artists to paint him, and all others just hold their breath while he performed.

But after turning eighteen the boy realized that time was moving too fast for him, so he moved here to Snowberia to study ice magic. His flexibility was way too precious and he wanted to share it with more people before all that amazing beauty is sunken in the sands of time!

He practiced with the wisest of the northern shamans until he learned their arts of body-freezing (and they were rewarded by such astounishing sights of his body!)

These days his ice spell is broken for only a single hour per year! It's such a spectacular hour that tons of people gather in the Palace of Black Ice to watch the fantastic annual show! Despite the pretty high entrance fee the shamans set for this ceremony...

At the end of the show, by tradition of the ice mages, the boy is frozen in a most unbelievable pose for another year, so that his beautiful nude body can still be enjoyed even in its frozen form as an ice sculpture...

- Erika
Yunia Online

"In this spasm
In this jerk
In this cry
A little death
For this boy
Little screams
A little blood
A tattooed rune

Break the black ice

In this kiss
Not mine, not yours
In this curse
Not mine, not yours..."

DEATH IN JUNE - Break the Black Ice

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