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"Bone­less", the world's first movie about con­tor­tion­ists. The movie was cre­at­ed in as­so­ci­a­tion with the Dai­ly Bend mag­a­zine, re­spon­si­ble for cast­ing and con­sult­ing the film­mak­ers to make sure you get the high­est qual­i­ty con­tor­tion film you can imag­ine!

Bone­less is an ec­cen­tric hor­ror movie telling about a fire in a mod­ern aris­to­crat­ic man­sion, dur­ing which fire­men dis­cov­er a cel­lar full of slaves, all of them are bound with their naked bod­ies and limbs mer­ci­less­ly stretched from one ex­trem­i­ty to an­oth­er. The movie short­ly pro­ceeds to the vic­tims be­ing in­ter­viewed by the po­lice and telling in de­tails about their crazed mis­tress's plan to turn them in­to bone­less crea­tures. The rest of the movie is a long se­ries of flash­backs of the la­dy's vis­its to her slaves to feed them, nar­rat­ed by the vic­tims them­selves. A slave would have to earn the meal by show­ing off their progress and, if the la­dy was sat­is­fied, the slave would re­ceive some bread and milk. As she could on­ly test very few slaves at a time, they of­ten begged to be test­ed first, promis­ing the most sac­ri­fic­ing feats and sights just to get their por­tion of bread and milk...

We should make an im­por­tant note that de­spite the gross de­scrip­tion, the movie would on­ly shock peo­ple com­plete­ly un­fa­mil­iar with con­tor­tion or those who tend to see con­tor­tion as some­thing very painful. Oth­er­wise, the movie does not con­tain any scenes of ac­tu­al cru­el­ty and can be en­joyed sim­ply as a se­ries of nude con­tor­tion acts per­formed by some of the world's best ben­ders. We promise that the thrilling hor­ror style of the movie does on­ly add salt to the show!

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