Bliz­zard is the De­cem­ber babe who loves ice creams, danc­ing and is fixed on the idea of mak­ing the whole world white and fluffy.

Bliz­zard's in­fa­mous hu­la hoop typ­i­cal­ly cre­ates strong winds of at least 35 mph (56 km/h), last­ing for a pro­longed pe­ri­od of time.

Some­times the wind is so strong that it cre­ates such ef­fects as blow­ing snow, it's when all the snow rais­es from the ground, so you can bare­ly see through it, and you can bare­ly un­der­stand where all the blow(job?)s come from, one af­ter an­oth­er!!

Well, didn't I men­tion that Bliz­zard loves ice cream, but when it's so hard to see it's very easy to make a mis­take and start lick­ing oth­er yum­mi­ness XD

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