Big Plans for a Tiny Waist

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Fetch... the cushions!

I swear, I swear I will pay... just a tiny bit later, ok? Damn, I sure have a lot of debts, is there going to be a forgiveness day?

I get back on my way when suddenly a strong looking devil crosses my path. "Nothing personal, sinner, but you're in trouble! You have too many debts to the Bank of Yunia and you're gonna work out every coin of it! Follow me and don't even think to run."

In fear I follow the demoness all the way to Bara'thrum, the enormous crater in the belly of Yunia. Otherwise unreachable and heavily guarded by the demons, now it's right in front of my eyes! It's quite stylish though, looks like the biggest sex dungeon in the world!

We descend a long staircase carved into the crater's walls, passing by many entrances and nice wall carvings too. Somebody had quite an imagination here! If you can't do it in real life, you can still draw it on the wall, I s'pose.

As we go deeper, many distant screams and moans fill the air. "No, please! Not the second hand!! I promise I will find a job!" My face is completely red by the time the demoness stops next to a cell, guiding me in.

Oh the things she does to my flesh!! And not just mine, I have an elf cellmate and sometimes the demoness tortures my sight by doing things to that poor elf, and I mean poor as from the looks of it seems like the elf is in a far greater debt than me!

I don't know how much time I spent there exactly but I think I've been a good prisoner. In the end me, my cellmate and the demoness start having a lot of fun together, though the demoness doesn't forget to keep reminding everyone their roles.

Alas, fun comes to an end and the demoness says I have no more debts to pay, by demonic laws it's illegal to hold me any longer, and so I'm free to go! (to make new ones!)

She says her name is Kanashibari and since she liked me, I can summon her any time I forget my discipline and need my ass slapped! I can also keep the bondage suit as a gift for being so much fun. Moreover, going around wearing this suit will have a special perk to reduce my debts over time!

- Erika
Yunia Online

Here's an illustration for William Shakespeare's "Tomboys in Bondage" :3

Elven TrapThe barbarian she followed didn't lie when he told her she's gonna get some real war stories instead of all the fake ones she's been feeding her clientele with back in her little elven brothel.

An extremely talented hooker for her own small town Litheville, Ulien has always dreamed of far lands, always listening carefully to every story from the travelers and then re-telling them at the local tavern, always turning herself into the main hero of the story.

That was her main hooking trick that worked on a lot of clients, since in every story she'd fantasize herself through really hot and wild bodily experiences inflicted on her by the agents of her imaginary captivity, as well as fellow party members alike, but in the end Ulien would always somehow escape and end up in the tavern, safe and sound to tell the story XD

It worked very well until she met a hot muscled barbarian guy who fell for her elvish charm but didn't believe a bit of her story, instead he offered to hire her as a companion to show her around the real world, since she seemed to have a huge fetish for very risky situations...

After some paperwork in the brothel, accompanying the barbarian was arranged as Ulien's fieldwork, provided she'd charge the barbarian with regular prices.

Thanks to Ulien's curiosity, it didn't take too long at all before she ended up in her first real captivity. As she made a sort of a pact with her barbarian leader that, should she get captured, she'd be able to enjoy the captivity for at least 3 days to gather enough material for a good story to tell. That really slowed the barbarian's party down... XD

Hope you like! :3 You can also find this work here:

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