Bendy Needy

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Bendy Needy

Trying to find a good spot to just sit down and stretch my begging hand, I come across a simply marvellous street performer!! His back can fold like a book and I just can't stop staring for a while, though it seems like a sad book with that hungry look on his face.

Since his hands are busy handstanding nearly the whole time as he bends his body in such impressive ways, he's using an old hat to collect his donations. I can't help but notice the hat is quite filled with coins, so how is he still sad?? Hope he doesn't have a dad who trains his bendy son like crazy, then sends him to perform and takes all the earned gold for himself...

"Can you give some gold?" the boy mumbles in a bit harsh voice from being so folded up.

Sorry, kid, I don't have any gold on me, I'm in a trouble myself ^^;

"Then take some ^^;" the boy puts one of his feet into the hat and then stretches this lovely foot toward me with a shiny golden coin squished between the toes.

- Erika
Yunia Online

Contortion. Puts butts on the shoulders, feet on the head and bread on the table.

Hope you like! :3 You can also find this work here:

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