Ruled by Sere­nius, Bedouinia has a num­ber of vil­lages of Sun elves (a.k.a. Desert elves), the dark-skinned beau­ties. Many of them be­come al­chemists, oth­ers mas­ter the art of carv­ing hous­es in the buttes and sculpt­ing of all kinds. Their vil­lages are full of works of art, del­i­cate or­na­ments and sculp­tures, all carved from sand­stone.

They love to play mu­si­cal in­stru­ments, sing and dance to the sexy tunes of the desert. They're very used to the se­vere cli­mate of the desert and are im­mune to the heat, al­low­ing them to stay in the Sun for a whole day. Be­side the com­mon­place con­tor­tions, their dance fea­ture a plen­ty of stom­ach vac­u­ums as they find the sucked-in bel­ly and the stick­ing-out ribs to be very sexy, al­though this art shouldn't be con­fused with anorex­ia as it's achieved though mus­cle con­trol and not through starv­ing. Though typ­i­cal­ly they are very slen­der in­deed. They al­so have a big thing for oils and dance oiled when­ev­er they can af­ford.

The Tem­ple of Aquar­ius in Al-Hed­sit is the meet­ing and learn­ing cen­ter for all al­chemists. The main craft of the al­chemists is to cre­ate ho­mun­culi, the ar­ti­fi­cial hu­manoids. They are small crea­tures brought to life us­ing vi­tal en­er­gy, mag­ic and mat­ter. Each ho­muncu­lus is based on a spe­cif­ic ma­te­r­i­al, e.g. di­a­mond, sand, coal, etc.

Be­side the ma­te­r­i­al in­gre­di­ents, their cre­ation re­quires a lot of vi­tal en­er­gy that al­chemists have to gath­er first. This vi­tal en­er­gy can be most eas­i­ly trans­formed from peo­ple's lust, but the lust needs to be aroused first, so that's why every al­chemist's main goal is to make one­self as at­trac­tive as can be.

The Tem­ple has the best hair styl­ists, masseurs, body­build­ing coach­es, dance teach­ers and so on, on­ly to pol­ish to per­fec­tion the most vi­tal part of al­chemists, their glam­our. Few can re­sist this glam­our, ut­ter­ly hyp­no­tized by the al­chemist's charm, they're will­ing­ly or un­will­ing­ly do­nate gal­lons of vi­tal en­er­gy right to the al­chemist's mag­i­cal reser­voir. The al­chemist can typ­i­cal­ly ab­sorb this en­er­gy sim­ply by walk­ing around, and then can use the col­lect­ed amount for their ho­muncu­lus projects, much like a jew­el­er adds gem­stones to dec­o­rate the gold­en or sil­ver base. Ex­cept the cre­ation of a ho­muncu­lus doesn't re­quire ex­pen­sive ma­te­ri­als and can even be made from sim­ple bread or dirt XD

The El­e­men­tary School is a sub­sidiary of the Tem­ple, fo­cus­ing on keep­ing kids busy un­til they reach 18 years of age, when they can legal­ly deal with the Lust en­er­gy. These stu­dents are called el­e­men­tal­ists, the younger mages spe­cial­iz­ing in el­e­ments and ba­sic el­e­men­tals. El­e­men­tal­ists use ba­sic charms to cap­ture small evil spir­its to turn them in­to use­ful ones.

Thanks to A.F. for help­ing with ideas ^^

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