Beautiful Burden

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Damn I was sup­posed to be sleep­ing in­stead of draw­ing this, but I just want­ed to draw so bad­ly that I stayed up to 4:00am and this is the re­sult! Ü

Af­ter the last ex­er­cise Jes­si­ca lay down flat on her yo­ga mat and re­laxed. Her large breasts rolled soft­ly to the sides. They were no­tice­ably heavy on her chest but she en­joyed the pres­sure.

It was worse when she had to sit or walk, then they were re­al­ly pulling her for­ward and she'd prob­a­bly de­vel­op se­vere back prob­lems lat­er in her life, if her best friend didn't make her this won­der­ful birth­day gift: a yo­ga mat and a blu-ray with some ex­er­cis­es that strength­en the back. She was feel­ing lazy at first, but once she start­ed prac­tic­ing yo­ga, it be­came a re­al life saver and all her lazi­ness evap­o­rat­ed!

Not on­ly it helped solv­ing the back prob­lem but al­so re­al­ly got her in­ter­est­ed in stretch­ing and made her re­al­ize what a flex­i­ble back she had. Yo­ga made her body feel way too good and live­ly, so she al­ways prac­ticed in the nude and had to take a show­er af­ter­wards.

Jes­si­ca stood on her feet, looked once again in­to the large mir­ror at her beau­ti­ful busty self. On­ly six months of yo­ga did mir­a­cles to her body: she was no longer that round-shoul­dered teenag­er whose aw­ful­ly gi­ant boobs were pulling down so much, mak­ing her look like a fe­male hunch­back, no, she now looked like a per­fect elf from the best ex­am­ples of fan­ta­sy il­lus­tra­tions, her shoul­ders were wide ex­tend­ed and her back felt so great and strong that her breasts felt al­most weight­less. Af­ter ad­mir­ing her­self for a while, she walked to­ward the bath­room.

End of sto­ry, it's too late XD I hope you'll en­joy this il­lus­tra­tion any­way!

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