Bear Trap WIP

All NSFW content is hidden. Click here if you want to unhide it. After an hour of morning yoga with Mary, Martin walked back to his room. The huge teddy bear toy was sitting in the corner, it's been a few months now that the prop became Martin's own property to remind him of his first successful photo set in some small studio back then. His uncle Brian paid quite a price to get that exact bear and not just the same one from a shop.

The softness of the white bear seemed to really stuck in his fans' minds that almost every week they asked him to do more like the "Teddy Bear Day" photo set. Martin became more classy since then, so it felt a bit childish... but suddenly his whole body felt "why not?"

Martin put his expensive camera opposite of the big toy, made the picture look perfect and picked the remote control.

He always wanted to become a nudist photographer but the more he experimented, the more he found pure nudity to be a bit boring. His gymnast girlfriend Erika has already expanded Martin's ideal range of poses beyond what average photographers normally work with.

And his own ballet classes that he took as a kid, allowed him to quickly regain the flexibility with Mary's help. Martin has always had the soft spot for butts, his own included, but he also wanted to show the face... thanks goodness, many poses he learned from Mary now could make it easily possible to capture both at the same time!

He grew to love not only to expose the body but also uncover its true abilities, for that matter Erika was his favorite model, her body was a wonder to work with but also inspired Martin to get more flexible himself.

After taking about 20 pictures, he copy-pasted the best 3 of them straight on the internet, enjoying being immediately verbally raped by a couple dozen followers, but then he didn't mind

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