Be Quick Or Be Bent

Ku­raya­mi is from the same nin­ja clan as Kage­maru, al­so the prac­ti­tion­er of the soft body nin­jut­su, the type of mar­tial arts sim­i­lar to the soft bone kung fu, but more fo­cused on hid­ing and more ex­treme flex­i­bil­i­ty.

Ku­raya­mi has the most unique body and moves with the grace of a young and live­ly black cat. Wear­ing her black body­suit, she gives the im­pres­sion of be­ing made of a sin­gle piece of elas­tic rub­ber. She can stand and turn her feet around so much that the toes point com­plete­ly back­wards, and her feet them­selves are so flex­i­ble that a foot's toes can touch its own heel. Sim­i­lar­ly, her fin­gers can fold com­plete­ly back­wards and can be pressed against the out­er side of the palm.

Her tor­so is ex­treme­ly pli­ant, for sev­er­al hours every morn­ing she can be seen bear­ing an im­pos­si­ble steel cinch­er around her waist, while in the evening every­body gath­ers to watch a spe­cial mas­sage that looks more like an ex­treme stunt not to be found any­where else, in which a heavy man tram­ples the girl's elas­tic ribcage like a pil­low, squish­ing it al­most to the floor, as if the ribs were made of car­ti­lage.

De­spite all these amaz­ing abil­i­ties, Ku­raya­mi is not al­lowed to go on re­al mis­sions, as she is more like a mas­cot of the clan and every­one's ex­am­ple of how flex­i­ble the nin­ja's body can be. But Ku­raya­mi is not a tooth­less cat, she is well trained to han­dle her two short katanas in case of true emer­gency, though more reg­u­lar­ly they're used to en­ter­tain the clan's leader and oth­er mem­bers with some danc­ing and ac­ro­bat­ics.

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