Basil's Vacations

Con­tor­tion­ists don't usu­al­ly take breaks, they just have a very, very flex­i­ble sched­ule XD

Okay, lame jokes aside, here is the sto­ry:

"Hey, Basil, it's a nice an­gle from here! Turn your­self around and strike a pose pleeease! Hey, Basil! Oh... oh! Ha­ha, that's a good one! Nice see­ing your ass and face at the same time, what's it called?"

"It's a new one. It's called suck my ribcage, Daryl!"

"Hah! You know, they say con­tor­tion­ists are bone­less? Well, I dun­no why, I sure can count all your ribs, al­right?"

"Hmpf, stop count­ing them, you can shoot them all at once, will you?"

"Then shut your mouth and stop bat­ting eye­slash­es, so I can ac­tu­al­ly do that?"

"W- wait, count to 3, I'm gonna let some breath out, I can fold up some more..."

"More?? Basil, with you around who needs tow­els and books..."

"What? Will you start count­ing, be­cause me, I'm count­ing all the peo­ple who al­ready took a free pic­ture of me and that guy over there is film­ing!"

"Al­righty, 3... and 2... annnd 1... annnn..oh WOW! Basil you sure do have ribs but do you have at least one ver­te­bra?? You're such a slug."

"Pffff... did you take it or not?? Daryl!"

"...Yeah, yeah! God­damn it... Here, look, it's al­ready on In­sta­gram, jeez."

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