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While bar­bar­ians are peace­ful and de­fen­sive, they lit­er­al­ly wor­ship mus­cles and hard curves built through count­less hours of work­out. They have a moth­er­ly ten­den­cy to pro­tect weak­er crea­tures rather than de­stroy them.

They had orig­i­nal­ly pumped their bod­ies that way to pro­tect them­selves from the men­ace of the an­cient ti­tans and their leader Lum Bar. Af­ter mak­ing a union with elves, they man­aged to de­feat Lum Bar, bend him over and turn him in­to stone. Since then the grotesque stat­ue has been the sym­bol of their vic­to­ry, while elves are still their best bud­dies to this day.

Elves are the most com­mon com­pan­ions of bar­bar­ians, as elves gen­er­al­ly have a big fetish for big mus­cles. Some of them even try to build their own bod­ies the bar­bar­ian way, but most just en­joy hold­ing their bod­ies against those hard big curves.

But elves and bar­bar­ians have a mu­tu­al in­flu­ence and, fol­low­ing the elves' wis­dom, all younger bar­bar­ians to­day prac­tice con­tor­tion to make their mus­cles very re­silient be­fore start­ing to make them strong, and this is how they achieve the best re­sults in body­build­ing lat­er.

But the main se­cret of bar­bar­ians is the in­cense called "Re­lief", a so­phis­ti­cat­ed mix­ture of painkillers and en­er­giz­ers that's not harm­ful for health but makes the most dif­fi­cult ex­er­cis­es smooth and pain­less, al­low­ing to take one's phys­i­cal abil­i­ties be­yond all ex­tremes.

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