Barbarian Elf

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Sonya was born in an el­ven vil­lage and her par­ents were very nice and kind elves and since the youngest age they taught lit­tle Sonya to dance and bend, hop­ing that one day she would grow in­to a beau­ti­ful and flex­i­ble dancer.

Alas, one day the vil­lage was plun­dered by a large gang of ban­dits who took many elves to slav­ery and mur­dered oth­ers. Sonya, to her knowl­edge, was the on­ly sur­vivor and she was very lucky to crawl in­to a group of friend­ly bar­bar­ians who took care of the lost and lone­ly el­ven girl.

The bar­bar­ians took her to their home where she found every­thing: food, shel­ter, friends, and even close ones who be­came like rel­a­tives to her. But the clos­est to her was Ru­ma, who taught the el­ven girl every­thing about how to be a bar­bar­ian among bar­bar­ians.

Year af­ter year Sonya turned from a tiny lithe elf in­to a busty mus­cled sav­age. Every­thing that the el­ven girl's par­ents man­aged to teach her while they were still alive, was very well ac­cept­ed by the bar­bar­ians, and even so much more was added through con­stant prac­tice.

Sonya set the goal that she con­sid­ered as her par­ents' last wish, to be­come a beau­ti­ful and flex­i­ble dancer. She stretched and prac­ticed every day and Ru­ma was of great help with that too.

Not on­ly that but like all bar­bar­ians she learned how to hold a broad sword and be­came a great war­rior in bat­tle and a flex­i­ble en­ter­tain­er by the camp­fire.

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