Ruled by the mighty Co­nan, Bar­baria is the land of hills and plains, with the great strong­hold of T'High-Hai at its very heart. It's the king­dom of the mus­cled bar­bar­ians.

While bar­bar­ians are peace­ful and de­fen­sive, they lit­er­al­ly wor­ship mus­cles and hard curves built through count­less hours of work­out. They have a moth­er­ly ten­den­cy to pro­tect weak­er crea­tures rather than de­stroy them.

They had orig­i­nal­ly built their bod­ies that way to pro­tect them­selves from the men­ace of ti­tans and their leader Lum Bar. Af­ter mak­ing a union with elves and mages, they man­aged to de­feat Lum Bar, bend him over and turn him in­to stone. Since then the grotesque stat­ue has been the sym­bol of their vic­to­ry, while elves and mages are still their best bud­dies to this day.

The se­cret of the bar­bar­ian body is the in­cense called Re­lief, a so­phis­ti­cat­ed mix­ture of painkillers and en­er­giz­ers that's not harm­ful for health but al­lows to pump the mus­cles be­yond be­lief. But bar­bar­ians nev­er start their mus­cle train­ing right away and be­lieve that they have to be made flex­i­ble be­fore start­ing to make them strong.

That's why un­til the teen age bar­bar­ian youths prac­tice ex­clu­sive­ly con­tor­tion, and on­ly once they mas­ter the back­fold, the front­bend and the over­split, they're al­lowed to start with body­build­ing. The Tem­ple of Tau­rus serves as the place of such ini­ti­a­tion, where af­ter the com­plex flex­i­bil­i­ty tri­als the youths are tak­en un­der the wings of the mus­cle train­ers.

But the Tem­ple of Tau­rus of­fers one more stage of ad­vance­ment: af­ter grow­ing a sig­nif­i­cant mus­cu­la­ture, bar­bar­ians can al­so be up­grad­ed to mino­taurs, which al­lows to reach even high­er lev­els, as well as a sig­nif­i­cant­ly longer life­time.

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