Baladev and Nagarjun

Baladev is a son of a mil­i­tary man and since his child­hood he was trained to be strong to fol­low the steps of his fa­ther. His fa­ther chose for him the name Baladev which means "god of strength", want­i­ng him to be­come a strong and fear­less war­rior, but he didn't ex­pect the name would shape Baladev's fate quite dif­fer­ent­ly than ex­pect­ed.

Young Baladev met a fakir who made him re­al­ize that his true des­tiny was be­ing a street per­former. Baladev left his home and fol­lowed the fakir for sev­er­al years. When the fakir left this world, Baladev con­tin­ued to en­ter­tain peo­ple on his own.

No­body knows where Na­gar­jun came from to this world. Baladev ji says he once found a lit­tle boy in the jun­gle, play­ing with a cou­ple of small snakes. Good Lord Shi­va, the child was on­ly sev­er­al months old! The snake could so eas­i­ly bite him to death but it didn't. For three days Baladev tried to find the boy's par­ents in the two near­by vil­lages but peo­ple kept telling him they have nev­er seen this ba­by be­fore.

On the third day he had a vi­sion dur­ing a deep med­i­ta­tion, where the boy's name and his des­tiny were re­vealed to Baladev. The name was Na­gar­jun, "best of the snakes" (lit. "pure snake"). Baladev saw some of the things the boy will be able to do when he grows up and he had nev­er seen such a beau­ti­ful young yo­gin and such amaz­ing­ly pli­ant body pos­tures be­fore, even though he had met many great yo­gins and fakirs in his life, but this boy was the prince of yo­ga him­self.

Since then Baladev ji and lit­tle Na­gar­jun lived as a fa­ther and his son. As a young boy, Na­gar­jun spent hours a day in the com­pa­ny of yo­gins who taught him great things about the hu­man body, and even when he was still un­der ten years old he mas­tered over a hun­dred yo­g­ic pos­tures, in­clud­ing very rare ones.

But the boy tru­ly flour­ished in his teen years, when even the great­est yo­gins of the time (and the two trav­elled a lot around the coun­try and met many great saints and per­form­ers) couldn't give him any more ad­vanced lessons and Na­gar­jun start­ed in­vent­ing his own branch of yo­ga, which he called Ma­hanagyo­ga, "supreme snak­ish yo­ga", the most phys­i­cal­ly chal­leng­ing branch of yo­ga so far.

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